COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

The unfortunate spread of the novel coronavirus is of concern to all of us at Prime Atlantic Limited, as it has had a tremendous impact on the economy, industry, our employees, and our business operations.

During this unprecedented time, the health and safety of our employees, clients, and partners are paramount as we remain committed to continued excellence in the delivery of our products and services.

In order to curb the further spread of the disease, the following strict precautionary measures have been put in place at our various offices in line with  guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Nigeria Centre for Disease and Control (NCDC).




  • Prime Atlantic is currently operating a rotational work schedule with select employees working at the office. This is in an effort to encourage social distancing and minimize physical contact between employees.
  • All employees have been provided with face masks, which must be worn at all times during physical interactions.
  • All employees scheduled to resume at the office following the nationwide lockdown were required to take the COVID-19 antigen test as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of all.
  • We have instituted a No-Mask/No entry policy at all our offices to ensure the safety of all our employees.
  • Temperature checks are also conducted at all office entry points prior to granting access to our premises.
  • Hand-washing practices are supported across all our offices by the placement of sanitation stations and hand sanitizer dispensers at the entry points and other strategic points across the office premises.
  • All housekeeping staff have been provided with appropriate PPE, including disposable coveralls, hand gloves, face masks, and face shields and have been instructed to clean high-touch surfaces at intervals.
  • Most meetings are conducted virtually. In the event that a physical meeting is required, all attendees are required to wear their masks and practice physical distancing throughout the duration of the meeting.




  • Our engineers and operatives have been given the proper PPE required for work at client sites. They are also expected to practice physical distancing while interacting with clients and each other.
  • At our training center, we have established reopening guidelines as follows:
  • All delegates will be required to fill out our Awareness and Prevention form upon arrival at the center. This form will give us pertinent information regarding the visitor’s state of health.
  • Sanitation stations have been set up at the entry gate and across the facility with automatic hand sanitizer dispensers to minimize contact with the device.
  • All visitors will be expected to use face masks while at the center and signage has been placed around the facility to remind visitors and employees of the importance of wearing their face masks.
  • Physical distancing signage has also been placed around the facility to remind visitors and employees of the importance of practicing physical distancing.
  • Classrooms have been set up with physical distancing measures put in place to ensure the safety of all participants.


Contact persons for all our subsidiaries are readily available to attend to our clients remotely via email. If you have any questions regarding our products and services during this time, please send an e-mail to the respective subsidiary:

Prime Atlantic Limited:

Falck Prime Atlantic:

Prime Atlantic Global Instruments (PAGI):

West Atlantic Energy Limited (WAEL)

Cinalt Resources:

Prime Atlantic Cegelec (PACE):



Our hearts go out to everyone affected by this pandemic. We pray that things return to normal soon. Stay safe!


Please note that this page will be updated as often as necessary.