30 minutes


Course Outline:
This course contains information for the safe use of display screen equipment in the workplace and at home. It is suitable for everyone who uses this type of equipment and contains an assessment of the workstation. The assessment will give the user a full understanding of the potential hazards involved and how to assess whether or not they are at risk.

No prerequisite is required for this course.

Learning Objectives:
LO1: Outline what is meant by Display Screen Equipment and its potential hazards
LO2: Give an overview of common health and safety issues associated with Display Screen Equipment
LO3: Give an overview of the laws and regulations concerning Display Screen Equipment
LO4: Describe the Upper Limb disorders that can be associated with Display Screen Equipment
LO5: Give an overview of good posture and the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders
LO6: Describe the risk assessment process for a workstation
LO7: Explain how to use a mouse correctly
LO8: Explain how to read a screen correctly
LO9: Explain how to correctly use a portable computer
LO10: Discuss case studies involving health issues caused by the inefficient use of Display Screen Equipment

30 Minutes