60 minutes


No prerequisite is required for this course.

60 Minutes

Course Outline:
This is an awareness course, suitable for all employees working in hazardous industries. Candidates will learn what energy isolations are and how they fit into the isolation process. Delegates will be able to demonstrate an understanding of key terminology and equipment used in the isolation process and the legislation associated with LOTO.

Learning Objective
LO1: Explain why energy isolation is required
LO2: Explain the purpose of isolations
LO3: Describe key terminology used in isolations
LO4: List the legislation applicable to LOTO
LO5: Explain who is typically involved in isolations
LO6: Describe the training requirements for workers involved in isolations
LO7: List the 8 steps of isolation
LO8: Give examples of when to use lockout
LO9: Identify the different types of isolation devices
LO10: Describe what to do if lockout cannot be used