90 minutes


No prerequisites are required to take this course

Course Outline
The course is suitable for all onshore employees and looks at how, why, and where spills occur. The program describes a safe step by step approach to spill response and explains how to assess the risk, identify the substance, and select the correct PPE. Delegates can then put theory into practice using a range of interactive exercises and real-life scenarios in preparation for dealing with a variety of basic spills onshore.

Learning Objective
LO1: Describe the Working Environment
LO2: Explain Spills and How We Can Prevent Them Occurring
LO3: Identifying Spills
LO4: Describe Adsorbents
LO5: Describe Spill Kits
LO6: Identify the Steps of Spill Response
LO7: Interactive Exercise 1 – Responding to a Small Oil Spill
LO8: Explain the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
LO9: Interactive Exercise 2 – Responding to a Small Chemical Spill
LO10: Explain the Risk Assessment
LO11: Interactive Exercise 3 – Placing Spill Kits

90 Minutes