60 minutes


Course Outline
This course will give candidates an overall awareness of pressure and how it is measured. It will explain why pressure testing is required, how it is carried out, the hazards of pressure testing, and the controls that should be in place to ensure the process is carried out safely.

Learning Objective
LO1: Explain the concept of pressure
LO2: State the units of measurement most often used in the industry and the difference between psi and bar
LO3: Explain the need for, and objectives of, pressure testing
LO4: Explain the concepts of operating pressure and test pressure and the relationship between them
LO5: Describe the sequence of steps involved in a pressure test and the medium used
LO6: Be aware of the Task Risk Assessment process and its role in providing a safe working environment in the pressure testing sequence
LO7: Describe and identify safety measures typically involved in pressure testing
LO8: Explain the tasks they can expect to undertake when participating in a pressure test following the successful completion of this course


No prerequisite is required for this course. .

60 Minutes