90 minutes


Course Outline
This course emphasizes that the purpose of Process Isolations is to prevent harm to personnel, plant and the environment from the unintended or unplanned release of energy and/or hazardous products from systems during service or maintenance activities.

Learning Objective
LO1: Explain the purpose of a process isolation
LO2: Identify the main reasons for isolating
LO3: Describe what process isolation is
LO4: Describe key terminology used in the isolation process
LO5: Identify the central roles and responsibilities involved in isolations
LO6: Identify the fundamental stages of process isolation
LO7: Describe the different process isolation methods
LO8: Identify the different types of isolation security
LO9: Describe isolation monitoring
LO10: Identify examples of human errors in the isolation process
LO11: Identify examples of isolation controls
LO12: Describe the training requirements for workers involved in isolations
LO13: Describe the compliance and auditing required for the isolation process

90 Minutes

No prerequisites are required to take this course