30 minutes


No prerequisites are required to take this course

Course Outline
A hazard is anything that has the potential to cause harm. This could mean harm to you or others, damage to property or harm to the environment. Risk is the likelihood of that harm occurring.

LO1: Define risk assessment, hazards, controls, and risks
LO2: Explain and describe the hierarchy of controls
LO3: Describe the concepts and techniques of risk assessment
LO4: Describe the steps of a typical risk assessment
LO5: Explain how to use a risk matrix
LO6: Describe additional elements of the risk assessment process
LO7: Explain how the management of change can cause and prevent injury in the industry
LO8: Understand the purpose of risk intervention systems
LO9: Explain how to safely carry out an intervention
LO10: Explain the importance of reporting and lessons learned

30 Minutes