60 minutes


Course Outline
The course includes information on the basic tools used to construct scaffolds, the personal protective equipment required, the roles and responsibilities associated with scaffolding work, and the importance of inspections.

Learning Objectives

    LO1: Describe what a scaffold is and why it is used
    LO2: Define the key terms used in the construction of scaffolds
    LO3: Recognise the basic components of a scaffold
    LO4: Describe the key elements of a scaffold
    LO5: Identify the different types of scaffolding structures
    LO6: Identify hazards associated with the use of scaffolding
    LO7: List the basic tools used in the construction of a scaffold
    LO8: Describe the PPE requirements for scaffolding
    LO9: List the requirements for access to scaffolds
    LO10: Identify the responsibilities of key personnel involved with scaffolding
    LO11: Describe the use of the scafftags system
    LO12: Describe the importance of scaffold inspections

No prerequisite is required for this course.

60 minutes