USAN Project

Prime Atlantic Cegelec (PACE), a subsidiary of Prime Atlantic Limited is the company currently handling the General Maintenance Contract with ExxonMobil in USAN, an FPSO with a production capacity of 180,000 bpd.

Scope of Works :

  • Carrying out all maintenance operations on site, including Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, HVAC and Fabrication Maintenance
  • Short term planning, overall site planning and preparation of operations
  • Reporting, which includes updating the CMMS, PDMS and DMS data in paper and electronic documents
  • Recruitment of personnel as required (Full Field SD, campaign etc.)
  • Multi-disciplines services, varying from:
  1. Preventive Maintenance: servicing of equipment as prescribed
  2. Control Based Maintenance (CBM): vibration analyses
  3. Corrective Maintenance: repair or replacement of used materials or parts
  4. Ameliorative Actions – carry out changes or upgrades towards better performance or lifespan
  5. Level 1, 2, 3 maintenance and assistance towards Levels 4 and 5
  6. Major overhauls, intrusive jobs that involve the Manufacturer/OEM Field Site Rep
  7. Ensure availability of equipment

Date :

March 23, 2020

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