West Atlantic Energy Limited (WAEL)

An indigenous Oil and Gas service company established in 2009 and is in partnership with “Collabro” to provide Personnel Logistics, Data Management and HSE services to the Oil and Gas industry in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa as a whole.


What We Do

  • Job Portal, Oil and Gas Professionals CV Repository
  • Offshore Safety Permit (OSP)
  • Personnel On Board Tracking (POB)
  • Bespoke Data Management Services
  • Data Analysis, Single Analytic Experience,Fully Automated Dialogue, Natural Language Dialogue, Guided Analytic Discovery

Who We Are

Zero Downtime

This system was developed to ensure Zero downtime caused by lack of infrastructural support in our environment

International Quality

Our integrity ensures we maintain international quality without compromise in line with our technical partners COLLABRO UK.

Information System Management

COLLABRO UK a Specialist I.S.M Company with over 9 years experience and foremost provider of Personal On Board Monitoring Systems to Oil & Gas Companies operating within the North Sea.

Customized Application System

We have Customized web-based application system, developed with peculiar environmental challenges in mind.


WAEL – Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) licensee for Offshore Safety Permit Project.

Traveling Offshore

OSP is required for any persons wishing to travel to an offshore facility in the Industry.

Real-Time Verification

We provide Real-Time verification of Personnel Identity, Medical and Safety Training.

Safety Adherence

WAEL  also ensures personnel adheres to medical, health and safety regulations.

Some Of Our Clients