30 minutes


No prerequisite is required for this course.

30 Minutes

Course Outline:
The purpose of this Environmental Awareness course is to help delegates understand the impact that company activities can have on the environment. Additionally, they will be able to identify their role in reducing the impact that company operations can have on global environmental issues, such as global warming and ozone depletion.

Learning Objectives:
LO1: Give an introduction to environmental management systems and environmental impacts
LO2: Explain what atmospheric emissions
LO3: Explain what discharges to water are
LO4: Explain how the chemicals we use can have an impact on the environment
LO5: Explain how the waste we produce affects the environment
LO6: Explain why it is so important to prevent oil spills
LO7: Explain why and how we use data to manage environmental performance
LO8: Give an understanding of onshore and offshore oil and gas industry interactions with the environment