Synerpet Limited

From contingency planning to emergency response, crisis management should be at the heart of corporate policy, regardless of industry type and area operation.

Training is offered at Prime Atlantic’s comprehensive training facilities in Nigeria or at a regional location of the client’s choosing.

The expertise of Restrata powered by the local-knowledge of Prime Atlantic positions Synerpet to assist with all elements of crisis management and response in the West Africa setting. Restrata brings extensive experience and expertise in training to the Synerpet partnership. Training is offered at Prime Atlantic’s comprehensive training facilities in Nigeria or at a regional location of the client’s choosing.

We offer a range of courses that are conducted globally to a diverse spectrum of clients, including energy industries, NGOs, government and corporate clients.

Prime Atlantic Ltd.

Independent Oil and Gas services and capacity building company. The Preferred Services and Solutions Company in the Oil and Gas Industry in Sub-Saharan Africa.”

Marine Logistics Ltd.

We serve as a catalytic resource in efficient information and database on maritime transportation planning especially in Vessel Charters, Geo-technical surveys.

About Us

We bring together the expertise of wholly owned Nigerian company, Prime Atlantic Limited, and international security and risk mitigation provider, Restrata, in a joint venture dedicated to mitigating the political and security risks faced by companies operating in the West of Africa.

By meeting all Federal Local Content Policy requirements, Synerpet is uniquely positioned to deliver services within Nigeria.

Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly West Africa, is a strategic supplier to the global oil and gas market.

As organizations from this sector and others find themselves operating in increasingly diverse and difficult geopolitical environments, the risk to employees and assets in-country must be addressed.

Synerpet was established to address the growing need in Nigeria and the wider West Africa region for world class security, training, consultancy services and risk mitigation measures. Security breaches and the perception of risk in the region can impact negatively on financial and project success.

The services offered by Synerpet are designed to support business, whether a multinational corporation or small-scale service provider, and facilitate confidence and safety in the workplace and workforce. Security need not be a cost-centre, it should enable operational success.


Established Courses, Bespoke Training, Medical Training, Energy Industry Specific Medical Course, Meet, Greet & Train


Risk Alerts, Daily Risk Updates and Analytical Briefings, Risk Assessment, Consultancy, Due Diligence, Nigeria Report.

Security & Logistics

Meet & Greet, Transport & Personal Security Provision, Risk Assessment & Audits, Personnel & Corporate Tracking.

Crisis Management Response

Crisis Management Planning , Crisis Management Consultancy, & Training.

Maritime Security

Maritime Intelligence, Training, 24/7 Support, Vessel Security.