60 minutes


Course Objective

The aim of this course is to provide candidates with a good understanding of the Task Risk Assessment (TRA) process.

Course Outline:
This task risk assessment course is suitable for all current or potential members of task risk assessment teams. The course includes information identification of
all hazards associated with the work, what a TRA is, how and when it should be carried out and the responsibilities of each person within the process.

Learning Objectives:
LO1: Define key terminology associated with task risk assessment
LO2: Define the purpose of a task risk assessment
LO3: Describe hazard identification
LO4: Describe the terms hazard and risk
LO5: Recall when a task risk assessment should be carried out and what work categories need to be covered
LO6: Describe what makes an effective task risk assessment
LO7: Identify the roles and responsibilities of a task risk assessment team member
LO8: Describe the steps of a task risk assessment
LO9: Describe the identification of control measures
LO10: Explain the importance of lessons learned
LO11: Identify the general requirements for training in task risk assessment
LO12: Recall what data/findings from task risk assessments should be recorded
LO13: Describe the purpose of a toolbox talk
LO14: Explain the importance of communication for the success of a task risk assessment

No prerequisite is required for this course.

20 Minutes