Falck Prime Atlantic Welcomes Representatives from the Fire Service College, UK

Falck Prime Atlantic welcomed delegates from the Fire Service College, UK between October 23rd-26th2018. Their visit included a tour and inspection of the Falck Prime Atlantic training facility in Ipara, Ogun State, and a visit to the Federal Fire Service in Abuja. During this visit, the relationship between both organizations was strengthened and the excitement of the possibilities of the partnership between both companies was evident.
Falck Prime Atlantic and the Federal Fire Service will be working with the Fire Service College, UK to train Nigerian fire personnel on advanced firefighting techniques for rapid response during emergencies. This will ensure that the Nigerian fire service is better equipped with the technical knowledge and skills required to carry out their duties efficiently. This training will start with 40 trainees and this number will increase over time. Stay tuned for more updates on this.
Exciting times ahead!