No prerequisite is required for this course.

Course Outline:
This course explains the legal requirements and the methods for managing waste produced by operations in the oil and gas industry. Minimizing waste can deliver both business and environmental improvements. If our resources can be used more efficiently, then less waste will be produced, significantly reducing the harm to the environment.

Learning Objectives:
LO1: Describe the importance of waste management
LO2: Identify the legislative controls relating to waste
LO3: Explain the importance of a Waste Management Plan
LO4: Explain the waste management hierarchy
LO5: Identify the types of waste that are generated offshore
LO6: Outline the alternatives to disposing of waste
LO7: Describe waste reduction techniques
LO8: Describe the importance of waste segregation
LO9: Explain the importance of recycling
LO10: Outline the waste management considerations when planning a job

30 Minutes